Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Secret's Out

Psst...I already put up my Christmas tree in Joseph, and the one in Saint Charles is going up Saturday. Now before you get your tinsel in a tangle because I'm doing things out of order, let me explain. 
Oh, Tannenbaum!
Our family has a long-standing tradition of a very non-traditional combining of the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. THANKSMAS has been in existence for about 24 years, and allows us to have a big family celebration around Thanksgiving, and frees up family members to celebrate Christmas at home or with the other in-laws. It works for us. 

Snow on the mountain in south central Utah
October 19, 2015
Last week, when Bridger and I returned to Utah from our trip to La Jolla, there was snow on the mountain. SNOW. Snow means the autumn leaves are not long for this earth, and that tends to make me very sad. Decorating for the holidays (translation: CHRISTMAS) helps take my mind off things. I have always wanted to decorate earlier than Thanksmas, and this year, I have the backing of my number one sidekick: CHUCK. 

I texted Chuck that I must, MUST, put up my Christmas tree before I flew back to Chicago to get ready for Thanksmas. His response? 

"I agree. You must. You really have no option."

See why I love this man?

So I dragged out my teeny, tiny tree I bought at Smith's grocery store for my fifth grade classroom several years ago. I dusted it off, and assembled the three small sections together. I plugged it in. How disappointing. Only the bottom of the tree was illuminated. What did I expect from my $20 tree? A lifetime of Christmas lights?

I spent the next hour and a half removing the tangled web of lights attached to the branches of my "prelit" tree, and then spent another hour adding hundreds of my own mini-lights. The work was worth it, don't you agree?
Note the very appropriate autumn wreath on the door, next to the darling Christmas tree!

This little tree is for me, mostly. It is full of memories of days gone by with my littles. There are ornaments from my hometown in Virginia, and lots of shiny red balls, and yards of red ribbon. Red berries are tucked here and there. The tree's glow welcomes me home after dark, and warms my heart whenever I have the chance to bask in its light. It keeps my spirits up when the ending of autumn threatens to bring them down.

Our First Christmas, 2014
So, Happy Holidays, everyone! If you need the Bennorths on Halloween, we'll be in our living room, putting up our new Christmas tree. We've declared it a pajama day since rain is in the forecast. I can't think of a better way to spend the day. Decorating the tree, relaxing at home, and listening to carols with the one I love. 

Merry Hallowthanksmas, indeed!

Thanksmas??? What the heck? To read more about this odd little tradition, click HERE


  1. Hi Denise,
    So happy that you have that little tree and are going to put up the bigger tree soon! Enjoy these special moments with Chuck!

  2. Thanks, Amy! We try to enjoy each and every moment we have together!

  3. How fun!! I wish I had room and energy to keep a tree up that long! I'd so love it, but too many little ones that love my tree too, so we put it up the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it comes down the first Saturday after New Year's day. By then I'm exhausted from trying to keep those little ones from pulling on the tree or ornaments.

  4. Grandchildren could be a game changer, but in a house of like-minded adults, I'm in paradise!


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