Friday, September 11, 2015

Yeah, We're THAT Couple

Each weekend we were together this summer, my husband and I would rise early on Saturday or Sunday, and when we were lucky, BOTH days, to drive to Wisconsin to photograph the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

If you've never been to a Renaissance Faire, you are missing out. The Bristol faire is exceptional in every way. Once you pass through the gates, you are swept into the magical town of Bristol in the Middle Ages. You meet the townspeople and performers, and if you are lucky enough, you may even meet HRH, the Queen herself. It is a photographer's paradise, complete with quaint scenery, beautiful costumes, and friendly faces. Reenactors and guests of the faire generously stop to pose for our cameras.
Shootout at Shakespeare's Meadow

The photographers enjoy a friendly camaraderie, and more than once, we have enjoyed seeing our photos on Facebook, posted by our friends. Anyone who knows us, knows to look for the couple in the matching shirts. Yep, that would be us. Whenever we are going out together, we coordinate our shirts, whether we're going out to dinner, or to church, and yes, to the faire. 

Is that silly? Well, we are silly. And we are a couple, in every sense of the word. (A couple of WHAT? I know what you're thinking...) We are THAT couple who does everything together, even wear color-coordinated shirts.

People often comment on our clothes. It was a good conversation starter, in some cases. Occasionally, strangers would do a double-take, and say, "Hey, you guys match!" More than once we heard the comment, "Did you guys do that on purpose?"

Some of the photographers liked to tease us about it, and a few of them shared photos of us on Facebook, tagging the pictures with fun comments like "Matching." (Thank you, John.) 

Photo credit: John Karpinsky

During the Labor Day weekend, one of the shopkeepers came outside to talk to us. She said she'd seen us all three days, and had noticed our matching shirts. She thought it was cute. 

After we said our goodbyes to her, Chuck and I were dumbfounded. There are easily 24,000 people in attendance each day at the faire, and she noticed US, three days in a row. I guess you could say matching shirts have become our trademark.

Chuck always tells people that it helps him remember what I'm wearing if we ever get separated. He looks down at his shirt, and tugs on the fabric for emphasis in his explanation, and says it makes it easier to find me.

Photo credit: Linda Robinson at Robinson Photography

Photo credit: Brian Schultz
We were excited when our friend John showed up in a coordinating shirt one of the days we were at Bristol. Maybe this will be the start of something big. Well, kind of big. Think how fun it would be for all of the photographers to wear matching shirts with us. Or not...
Photo Credit: TG Davison Photography

Adorable, or ADORKABLE? We'll let you decide, but either way, it's just something we do. We're THAT couple.

Photo Credit: TG Davison Photography

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