Thursday, November 6, 2014

As We Approach Our Big Day

Counting sleeps, we measure the time,
the incredibly slow ticking of the clock,
and turning of the calendar until
we are together again.
Until my birthday,
until a holiday,
until a weekend,
until Christmas Eve,
until our wedding.
They are all special events
leading to the moment 
we begin our life
as husband and wife.

The big day is big, 
but only because it is the day
we officially become one.

How grateful I am that
the small details seem 
to be taking care of themselves.
I never want to lose sight
of what is most important.
It's not the rings, not the dress,
not the suit, not the tie,
not the minister, not the venue.
It is you. It is I. It is us.

Our marriage is the most important
promise we will make.
We are committing
our devotion, our faithfulness,
our time, our bodies, 
our resources, our hearts,
our respect, and our love
to each other

It has never been about the wedding.
It will always be about the sacred bond
between us.
I never want to forget
that your happiness is my priority,
and your love is my greatest blessing.

As we approach our big day,
I pray for peace of mind,
that I will remember that it is not WHAT 
is most important, but WHO.
It's never the things, the events, the details.
It is always the people who are the heart
of the special times.

I'm so glad that you are mine, 
and I am yours.
That is where I want to center my thoughts
and focus on the beginning of our forever.


  1. Denise, you do such a beautiful job of sharing your life, love and passion for it all. Thank you letting us see your adventures. Congratulations on your wedding and life thereafter.

    1. Stella, thank you for your sweet sentiments. It is a pleasure to write, especially about such joyful occasions!


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