Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Looking for Mr. Right (Part Four) HEADLINES

There is a headline at the top of each Match profile, where you can summarize yourself in 140 words or less. It's kind of like a Tweet on Twitter. Since there is a limit on what can be said, it's a good idea to choose your words carefully and then, spell them CORRECTLY. Too few words, and you leave us wondering, "That's it?" Too specific, and we're thinking, "Um, are you okay?"

As you read some of these, it's easy to see that a little editing, and just a little more thought, would go a long way.

"Hi."  He has 137 more characters available to him, and he decides to go with this.

"lonely man wants an honest wowman." Maybe it was Freudian. Maybe his spellcheck was ignored.

"Our fun years, w2 meet up we match lets travel, dinner

Rancher: retired , artist, musician, horseman." Um, what?

"Like is short enjoy!" Maybe if I investigated further, I would discover his previous employment involved writing disappointing fortunes for a fortune cookie company.

"The best in life is better when shared....." THINGS. You left out THINGS. On a side note, when using ellipses, three are all that are needed. For future reference.

"What don't kill me makes me stronger" It's a cliché, we hear it all of the time, although, I believe the quote starts, "What doesn't kill me..." Check your references. (You're on a dating website. Just how low are your expectations for this experience?)

"are you happy I am through all things" Two things: capital letter at the beginning, and punctuation at the end, and you may need a comma, depending on if you are happy through all things, or if you are just plain through with everything; DONE.

"Evil genius seeks minions for world domination attempt, laser death rays and costumes provided.... No weirdos!" No comment.

"Although I really respect anyone trying to workout in a gym , if you are on your cellphone texting, are you really "Working Out"??? HAHA" You wasted your 140 characters on making fun of people at your gym? It seems a little counterproductive, and your "HAHA" shows you were trying to show your sense of humor, but you remind me of the guys at the gym who make me wish I'd stayed home.

"I'm just looking around to see what is possible on this site. Still working out details at home so no dating yet.  Email is okay. Thanks!" Um, how hard are you working on that marriage? Your wife must be so impressed with your efforts. Technically, shouldn't you be on the website, "Married and Looking?"

Okay, that's it for today's sneak peek. There were more, many more, but you get the idea. As you can see, a little editing could fix most of them. My suggestion for today is, "Don't be afraid to get a second opinion before posting your profile." 

The more I look, the more I think I'll just look. Maybe somewhere out there, I'll find who I'm looking for. Until then, I'm online for the laughs, lurking in the shadows.

Tomorrow, we'll review some of the short answers, and then, we'll take a look at "In My Own Words," where there is a 200 character minimum, and a 4,000 character maximum. Are you ready for this? 


  1. I feel for you… your pain, your disappointment, your exasperation. But mostly, I feel your humor! Really enjoying this series :)


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