Sunday, January 9, 2011

*The Novice Skier; That Would Be Me!

When I woke up yesterday, I was calm and joyful. I did yoga, I journaled, I took down the Christmas tree. I was thrilled that I was going to get another chance to go skiing. I'd survived the humiliation of my horrible display of klutziness from several days ago.  My cheeks still redden with the memory of Last Week's Fiasco at Wolf Mountain.

When we got to Brianhead near Panguitch, the sun was shining and the temps were in the thirties. Perfect weather! Once again, I requested the adult learner skis. They were IDENTICAL to last week's skis: neon green and about the right length for perhaps an elf to use. I noticed an advantage today: lift operators slow down the chair lift for "we of the neon green skis." Ha ha! It made me laugh, but I was kind of grateful; I have a fear of wiping out coming off the chair lift.

I took pictures of the shadows down below the ski lift. To survive the runs down the hill, I just tried to replicate the movements of the advanced skiers, at a slower speed. I know sometimes skiers probably thought I was trying to outrace them, but honestly, a few times I just lost control, and couldn't quite get those tips to snowplow, and I just enjoyed my "flight."

So this week, my children are happy, their mom is happy, and I'm not operating from that dark place in my head. I've even figured out a supplement/medication regimen that allows me seven hours of sleep. And that helps immensely.

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